Inventory Management Software Designed Especially for the Medical Community

It's like a daily check-up for your clinic.

ArbiMed Medical Makes Inventory Tracking Easier than Ever

Technology has officially taken over the medical world! The average medical office has Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Software, Patient Check-in Software, Financial Software and much more. Why don’t you have a software to track one of the largest expenses your practice has, Inventory? ArbiMed is the missing link to have technical solutions for all of your major operational expenses. Start tracking your inventory today and save yourself from headaches tomorrow!
Cloud Based Software
Create, receive and track purchase orders
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Tag critical information when removing supplies
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Interpret your reports to make crucial practice decisions

ArbiMed in Your Practice

ArbiMed Inventory for Practice Owner Administrator

Owner & Administrator

As an owner or administrator information is key. ArbiMed will give you the necessary reporting to make sure that you have all of the information you need to make savvy business decisions for your practice anywhere anytime. We also will give you an initial consultation to make sure we identify the appropriate workflows so that ArbiMed is not a disruption to your day to day processes.

Preset and Custom Reports

Multi-Facility Support

Mobile Friendly


As a doctor your main focus will always be providing quality care to your patients. ArbiMed can easily see past treatments you’ve given to your patients, track your supply usage by procedure, and log controlled substances to protect your patients from spoiled or damaged drugs.

Patient, Doctor, Department Tracking

Patient Database Modules

Procedure Preference Cards

ArbiMed Inventory for Doctor

ArbiMed Inventory for Medical Assistant and Nurse

Medical Assistant/Nurse

As a nurse, medical assistant, or technician, you play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of a medical facility. A large portion of day to day procedures fall on you to make sure that you and your provider can efficiently and effectively treat patients. At ArbiMed, we have focused on making an application that is quick and easy to use so that you can grab your supplies and go without interruption in your day to day activities.

Barcode Scanning

Smart Search Boxes

Kit Building


If you are responsible for purchasing the supplies in your facility, then you know you have a very importation job. The whole staff relies on you to have the appropriate supplies and equipment in stock at all times. ArbiMed has the tools to help you create, place, and receive purchase orders, keep accurate records of product costs, and even gives you purchasing predictions to help make smart purchasing decisions.

Multi Supplier Management

Supplier Integrations

Purchasing Predictions

ArbiMed Inventory for Purchaser
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