Inventory Management Software Designed Especially for the Mobile Practitioners

Inventory Tracking Software for People on the Go.

ArbiMed Makes Inventory Tracking Easy

Managing your medical, dental, or veterinary supplies can be a very difficult task. It’s even more difficult if you’re managing a practice with mobile units or practitioners that make house calls. ArbiMed Mobile can simplify the daunting task of managing your mobile inventory, provide you with crucial information about where your inventory is, how much it costs, and who is using it. ArbiMed Mobile can be used by Mobile Medical Clinics, Home Health Agencies, Emergency Medical Services, Mobile Veterinarians, Mobile Dentists, or anyone who makes “House Calls”.
Cloud Based Software
Create, receive and track purchase orders
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Tag critical information when removing supplies
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Interpret your reports to make crucial practice decisions

ArbiMed in Your Practice

Practice Owner & Administrator

Owner & Administrator

As an owner or administrator of a clinic with a mobile supply of inventory, it can be very stressful to know where your expensive supplies and equipment are going. ArbiMed Mobile will give you the necessary tools to always know what is going on with your inventory. We also will give you an initial consultation to make sure we identify the appropriate workflows so that ArbiMed Mobile fits into your current policies and procedures.

Preset and Custom Reports

Multi-Facility Support

Mobile Supplies Tracking

Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, your first concern will always be providing quality care to your patients. With ArbiMed Mobile, you can easily see a history of supplies dispensed to your patients, track usage by procedure and create a vaccine protocol to ensure proper lot and expiration tracking

Patient, Staff Member, and Department Tracking

Lot and Expiration Tracking

Barcode Scanning

Healthcare Provider with Patient

ArbiMed Inventory Management


If you are responsible for purchasing the supplies for your mobile clinics, you know how important this responsibility is. The entire staff relies on you to stock the appropriate supplies and equipment to ensure the proper treatment of every case. ArbiMed has incorporated the tools so you can create, place, and receive purchase orders, keep accurate records of product costs, and can give you purchasing predictions to assist you in making smart purchasing decisions.

Multi Supplier Management

Supplier Integrations

Purchasing Predictions

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