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ArbiMed Vet Makes Inventory Tracking Easy

Veterinary Softwares have created solutions to many of the problems involved in the proper management of a Veterinary Practice, but many practices are overlooking a critical piece to the software pie-Inventory Management Software. ArbiMed Vet is the perfect tool to make the difficult process of managing and ordering your inventory simple.
Cloud Based Software
Create, receive and track purchase orders
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Tag critical information when removing supplies
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Interpret your reports to make crucial practice decisions

ArbiMed in Your Practice

ArbiMed Inventory for Practice Owner & Administrator

Owner & Administrator

As an owner or administrator, information is the key to success. ArbiMed will give you the necessary reporting to ensure that you have the information needed to make pragmatic business decisions for your practice. We also will give you an initial consultation to make sure we identify the appropriate workflows so that ArbiMed is not a disruption to your day to day processes.

Preset and Custom Reports

Multi-Facility Support

Mobile Friendly


Veterinarians strive to keep pets healthy and happy while they are part of a successful and thriving business. With ArbiMed, you can easily see a history of supplies dispensed to pets, track usage by procedure and create a vaccine protocol to ensure proper lot and expiration tracking.

Pet/Owner, Veterinarian, Department Tracking

Patient Database Modules

Lot and Expiration Tracking

ArbiMed Inventory for Veterinarian

ArbiMed Inventory for Vet Tech

Vet Tech

You play an integral role in ensuring things run efficiently at your facility. A large portion of day to day activities require your help to ensure all animals are given the best care. ArbiMed’s focus is on making our application quick and easy to use so that you can find and scan out the supplies you need without interruption throughout the day.

Barcode Scanning

Smart Search Boxes

Procedure Preference Cards


If you are responsible for purchasing the supplies in your facility, you know how important this responsibility is. The entire staff relies on you to stock the appropriate supplies and equipment to ensure the proper treatment of every case. ArbiMed has incorporated the tools so you can create, place, and receive purchase orders, keep accurate records of product costs, and can give you purchasing predictions to assist you in making smart purchasing decisions.

Multi Supplier Management

Supplier Integrations

Purchasing Predictions

ArbiMed Inventory for Purchaser

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