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Track All of Your Injectable Inventory and More

ArbiMed Retina is a Modern Dose Tracking Software Designed for Retina Specialists

At ArbiMed Inventory we know how challenging it can be to schedule patients, make sure you have the right amount of drug on hand, and then document each encounter. That is why Retina practices now trust our software to help assign more than 30k injections per week.
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Track Every Dose

From the time you create and order, till you dispense it to a patient, and beyond
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Ensure Proper Billing & Payment

Integrate with your Practice Management Software to generate billing and payment reports
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ArbiMed in Your Practice

ArbiMed Inventory for Practice Administrator


As an administrator of a Retina Practice, the expense of Retina Injectable Medications can be a source of major stress. These very expensive drugs are the lifeline to your practice and if you do not manage the procurement, storage, and billing of these medications properly your practice will suffer financially. ArbiMed Retina will give you all of the tools you need to know that your team is effectively and efficiently managing your injectable medications.

Billing and Payment Reports

Multi-Facility Support

Preset and Customer User Permissions


As a Retina Specialist, your primary concern will always be your patient’s vision. ArbiMed Retina makes it easy to see your past treatments given to patients, alert you when injections are too frequently, and track lot numbers and expiration dates in the event of a recall. ArbiMed also makes it easy for your support staff to dispense doses efficiently so your day to day processes are not interrupted.

Patient History

Interval Alerts

Lot/Expiration Tracking

ArbiMed Inventory for Doctor

ArbiMed Inventory for Nurse, Assistants, and Technicians

Nurses, Assistants, and Technicians

As a nurse, medical assistant, or technician, you play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of your Retina Practice. A large portion of day to day procedures fall on you to make sure that you and your provider can efficiently and effectively treat patients. ArbiMed Retina allows you to quickly assign your doses, select patients from a list of appointments, fix any errors during assignment, and reuse past transactions to save time. With ArbiMed Retina, you’ll spend less time in front of a computer and more time with patients.

Barcode Scanning

Beginning and End of Day Inventory Reports

Patient Appointment and History Features


Purchasing for a Retina Clinic is a very important and difficult job. The whole staff relies on you to have the appropriate drugs in stock at all times. Purchasing too much can result in cash flow issues and purchasing too little can prevent patients from receiving treatment. ArbiMed has the tools to help you create, place, and receive purchase orders, keep accurate records of product costs, and even gives you purchasing predictions to help make smart purchasing decisions. ArbiMed can also help you track all of the other supplies you purchase to give you an all in one inventory/dose tracking system.

Multi Supplier Management

Supplier Integrations

Purchasing Predictions

ArbiMed Inventory for Purchaser

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Billing Accuracy Function Showcase

Mid Atlantic Retina
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Our dose tracking and inventory management are done solely through ArbiMed. The processes in place cover purchase orders, barcoding each dose, scanning out doses to patients, billing accuracy by each dose, and many more tools needed to effectively manage our practice’s inventory.

ArbiMed is a very intuitive program and easy-to-use for our entire team. It runs practically flawlessly and the ArbiMed team routinely updates their product to meet our needs. The ArbiMed team is always there to respond to our calls and answer our questions guiding us through the processes smoothly.

Retina Consultants of Houston
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Working with the team from ArbiMed has been an absolute pleasure. They made it easy to transition from another software, and their application was able to accommodate our existing workflow with ease.

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Designed to Fit Your Workflow

ArbiMed has the ability to integrate with the applications you use every day

  • Nextech
  • Nextech Select
  • InteliChart Pro
  • Practice Plus
  • Modernizing Medicine
  • Allscripts
  • Athena
  • Advanced MD
  • MD Suite
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