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ArbiMed is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, medical inventory management system.
Our platform allows you to collect critical product and patient information, monitor stock levels, track expiration dates, and much more. Explore our solution with a free demo!
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Alabama Department of Public Health

It was so nice to have ArbiMed come onsite and see our warehouse to better understand what we needed in an inventory management system. The staff from ArbiMed, Conner and Thomas, were great and jumped right in to help us set up the best process for the Alabama Department of Public Health and how we would use the system. They were knowledgeable, helpful and had answers to all our questions. Conner and Thomas helped enter our inventory and then trained all our staff on each of the jobs they would perform within the system. We are already exploring ways to expand the use of ArbiMed in other bureaus within the department and sharing the information with other states. We looked at other systems; however, ArbiMed was the best fit for us and the people at ArbiMed have been wonderful!

The Robert Cizik Eye Clinic

I am one of the oldest customers of ArbiMed. I have successfully used it for over 5 years now. I even participated in a promotional video at one time. The cloud based software is easy to use, suits my clinic, and helps me to keep our supplies "just in time". It saves us money. I highly recommend ArbiMed to any company in need of inventory software.

R.E., Purchaser for an ambulatory care facility in New England

We began using ArbiMed in 2018, primarily to track purchasing and manage stock room inventory. The customer service and support from ArbiMed staff when we were setting up our account and porting data was phenomenal, and has maintained at an stellar level in the 5 years since. I am consistently impressed with the professionalism, passion, and genuine caring that ArbiMed staff have displayed, along with their interest in end-user suggestions for improvements to the product.

The reporting features available in ArbiMed were critical during the first year of the pandemic. The ability to quick-search inventory and reference entire stock categories made a huge difference in managing our stock levels and supply chain. The search and reporting functions, ease of data entry, and online access from any device make ArbiMed easy to use, and save me about 10 hours of time each week. Overall, ArbiMed has been a great fit for our needs.

Alabama Department of Public Health
The Robert Cizik Eye Clinic
R.E., Purchaser for an  ambulatory care facility  in New England

Our Product

Features Designed for All Clinics
Tracking │
Lot and Serialized Tracking

Track your products by serial and lot numbers while having eyes on upcoming expiration dates at all times. Learn More

Ordering │
Integrated Ordering

Streamline ordering from your distributors while reducing manual entry and promoting productivity. Learn More

integrated ordering
Reporting │
Robust Reporting

Provide comprehensive reporting on your overall inventory investment and transaction history, so that you can make data-driven business decisions. Learn More

Auditing │
Complete Audit Trail

Ensure full integrity with audit history of inventory movements by location, time, user, and reason. Learn More

Predictive Ordering Metrics

Generate purchase predictions to ensure you are never under or over stock. Learn More

predictive ordering

Add-On Modules

Engineered to Solve Your Unique Inventory Issues
ArbiMed Retina

ArbiMed Retina allows retina clinics to manage the procurement, storage, and billing of their injectables. Learn More

Buy and Bill
Dose Tracking
Patient History
ArbiMed Infusion

ArbiMed Infusion allows infusion centers to track medications from doctors' orders to dispensing. Learn More

Label Creation
Weight-based Calculation
Predictive Order Assistance
ArbiMed Surgery

ArbiMed Surgery allows surgery centers to create preference cards and build kits to easily manage & dispense multiple items at once. Learn More

Procedure Preference Cards
Kit Building
Purchasing Predictions

Customer Care

Our Service Team is With You at Each Step
customer care
Once you have chosen ArbiMed, you will be assigned an ArbiMed representative to help guide your onboarding and training process for a quick and easy implementation. We also provide continuous training and support services to make your experience seamless. Learn More

Onboarding Process

At ArbiMed, we understand that transitioning to a new medical inventory management system can be a crucial decision for your clinic. That's why we've designed our onboarding process to be easy, fast, and smooth, ensuring that you experience a seamless integration of our software into your daily operations. Learn More
1. Kick Off
Getting to Know You and Your Clinic
3. Training Sessions
Empowering You to Navigate ArbiMed
2. Supplier Collaboration
Effortless Data Input
4. Go Live
Start Using ArbiMed with Confidence
5. Ongoing Support
Your Success is Our Priority

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