blockchain information graphic

Blockchain and Healthcare: How Feasible Is it?

As technology continues to reshape healthcare management, blockchain has been discussed as a possible innovation that can bring radical changes to the industry. But are these improvements feasible, or do they bring added risk?

Manage medical supply with PAR levels

Understanding PAR Levels: What? Why? How?

Understanding PAR (Periodic Automatic Replenishment) Levels is critical to managing any medical practice or facility, since PAR levels help control spending and maintain stocks. This will be especially important as providers navigate an environment of continuing uncertainty in the healthcare industry.

ai technology

AI in Healthcare: The Future?

To some AI, or artificial intelligence, may seem like a remote concept, but the reality is that AI already exists. In what ways can machine intelligence transform the science and practice of medicine?

software development and deployment

Practical Tips for Software Deployment

Software deployment can be one of the most stressful experiences many organizations encounter, especially for office management technology. Yet there are things you can do to make the process flow smoothly.

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Medical Practice Management: Dealing with Uncertainty

The only sure thing in the coming years is that uncertainty in the health care industry will continue. As political leaders continue to debate changes to existing legislation, physicians and facilities must find ways not only to survive but also to prosper in an increasingly unpredictable environment.

Managing Your Medical Inventory with Excel

When using Excel spreadsheets to manage inventory, make sure to capture the information that identifies each item, and its location. This method, however, relies diligence to maintain accurate information, and this can be difficult during a typical busy day.

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Urgent Care Marketing: Strategies and Tips

Growing competition in urgent care brings the risk of losing patients, or not getting new patients as in the past. The reward, however, can be substantial given the continued interest in the convenience and effectiveness of urgent care.

barcoding inventory in healthcare

Barcode Tracking in Healthcare Facilities

While you were in the stock room you might have noticed that some of your products had no barcodes on the packaging at all. This creates a problem when implementing a barcode system. How do you track an item without a barcode?