Affiliate Partners

These affiliate partners help our clients and potential clients improve their overall operations.
We are proud to have relationships with all of the following companies.
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Boost Up

Boost is a registered reseller of all tier-one payment processors in the US and globally. Boost has wholesale pricing with every provider, which allows them to drive costs significantly down for their customers and add revenue to their bottom line. Boost provides a detailed analysis demonstrating a comparison between the merchant's current cost versus how much they could save by switching providers. Along with the lowest industry pricing, Boost is partnered and integrated with over 3300+ Inventory Management Softwares and Technologies across the globe. This allows flexibility for the merchant and the ability to grow their business friction-free. Learn More.
EMS Funding Solutions logo

EMS Funding Solutions

EMS Funding Solutions provides immediate capital to help operate your business. We specialize in monetizing your non-paying charged-off accounts. Managing the process of attempting to collect your non-paying accounts can be costly and highly ineffective. EMS Funding Solutions provides your practice with a complementary valuation of your non-paying accounts. We’ll engage at any point on the curve to provide an immediate infusion of cash and recurring, predictable cash payments through a forward flow. Our goal is to optimize your financial returns on patient accounts. Learn More.


IoThor is an "Internet of Things" company that specializes in cloud-enabled devices. The ioTHOR product, TempTHOR, is a perfect tool for monitoring the temperature of your sensitive inventory products. TempTHOR provides real-time temperature information and alerts to identify if your inventory is at risk from unsafe temperatures, potentially saving you thousands from product spoilage.