Retina Injection Dose-Tracking Software Offers Multiple Benefits

The expense and ubiquity of injections makes knowing the status of every dose imperative. AS FEATURED IN OPHTHALMOLOGY MANGEMENT MAGAZINE: Retina Injection Dose-Tracking Software Offers Multiple Benefits Modern retina practices deal with an inventory of very expensive injection medications. When …

Clinical Revenue Management

Viable Technology Optimizes Clinical Revenue Cycles

Challenge in Medical Operations The cost and challenges within the clinical business operation keep increasing at significant speed and health practitioners everywhere are feeling the pressures. There’s a tighter squeeze by payers for reimbursement and little ease from contract negotiations. …

Dose Tracking and Health Care: Is Your Practice Ready?

Dose tracking will be increasingly crucial as health care continues to experience change, since providers must effectively manage patient treatment and protect valuable prescriptions. But how can doctors effectively implement dose tracking in their practice or facility? Why Dose Tracking? …

medical inventory management

Medical Inventory Control Techniques: Strategies for Success

Many medical practices and facilities estimate how much inventory they will need using traditional methods like Excel or pen and paper. This approach is simple at first, but its limitations will be apparent as the practice grows. What other methods are available for a growing business?

Manage medical supply with PAR levels

Understanding PAR Levels: What? Why? How?

Understanding PAR (Periodic Automatic Replenishment) Levels is critical to managing any medical practice or facility, since PAR levels help control spending and maintain stocks. This will be especially important as providers navigate an environment of continuing uncertainty in the healthcare industry.

Managing Your Medical Inventory with Excel

When using Excel spreadsheets to manage inventory, make sure to capture the information that identifies each item, and its location. This method, however, relies diligence to maintain accurate information, and this can be difficult during a typical busy day.

barcoding inventory in healthcare

Barcode Tracking in Healthcare Facilities

While you were in the stock room you might have noticed that some of your products had no barcodes on the packaging at all. This creates a problem when implementing a barcode system. How do you track an item without a barcode?